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Capsule Filling Equipment

We are proud to present our new range of capsule filling equipment. Our manual capsule fillers are manufactured from high quality thick acrylic in order to be strong enough to withstand the test of time so that you can trust that it will never let you down during production runs.

Our capsule fillers are very easy to use; simply insert separated capsules into the filler, fill with your product to preferred level and close capsule plate on top to complete the process.

✔  Specially designed cap plates using a single-layer design with polished angles to prevent overfill

✔  A flute designed centre plate to prevent breakages of the capsules when joining

✔  Precision engineered springs to withstand the multiple forces the capsule filler will go through

✔  An encapsulation plate designed to maximise collection speed after pressing

✔  Acrylic U-design powder guards speed up production and avoid powder loss

✔  High quality stainless steel used for the screws and pins in order to meet GMP hygiene standards

✔  Quick-release screw heads included for fast dismantling and easy cleaning

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